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Rabbi Meir's Segula

Elaha DeMeir Hanéni

We have a transmission from our sages in the Gemara that there is a “Proven and Approved Segula” that in times of hardship one should light a nightlight in the name of the holy and revered Rabbi Meir Baal Haness and attach a sum of money that one wishes in kupat tzedakah.

Formulate like this:
“Elaha DeMeir Hanéni, Elaha DeMeir Hanéni, Elaha DeMeir Hanéni”, and mention your query :

  • Success for children’s education
  • Evil eye protection
  • For Success in Torah Study
  • Before traveling
  • For healing
  • To find a lost object
Koupa Tsedaka de Rabbi Meir