Yeshiva Ketana Torath Meir

The spiritual heritage

Yeshiva to Merit of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness

It manifests in an obvious way the spiritual heritage of our master. Erected for 25 years on one of the most beautiful slopes of the city of Tiberias, its good reputation quickly proved itself, and today it attracts the best students from northern Israel.

Brilliant students

Rabbi Yosef Peretz Chalita

Rabbi Yossef Peretz Chalita from Jerusalem leads the Yeshiva and guides all establishments in the way of Torah with remarkable success. Its brilliant students have access to the best Yeshivas in Israel, and some even hold prestigious teaching positions there.
Students are supervised by a team of high-level teachers, who guide them in the study of Torah and the meticulous understanding of its precepts.
From the canteen to the dormitories of the boarding school, the students are treated with the greatest care so that their study is not disturbed in any way.

Yéchiva Kétana Torath Méir

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