The network of Collels

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5 Collels

The cornerstone of the institutions will forever remain the network of Collels to the merit of Tana Rabbi Meir Baal Haness,
whose foundation dates back more than a century.

Closer to the tomb of

Rabbi Meir

At the time, a small group of scholars spent the week near the Tomb of the Tzaddik studying and praying for the success of the people of Israel.
Since then, the permanence has always been ensured at the tomb of Rabbi Meir and new Collels have emerged in order to allow the Avrekhim to study in peace and without financial worries.

Collels de Rabbi Meir Baal Haness

Dear Associate

Your donations and generosity support the Torah.
Hundreds of scholars and their families
pray for your success in all areas.

We need you

Let us be among the emissaries of heaven to support the avrekhim and their families of the collelims.

Over 100 Avrechim

The network of collelims

The Collel near the tomb by Rabbi Meir Baal Haness

This is the oldest Collel of Tiberias. 25 Avrekhim study there every day. In addition to the salary that allows them to study quietly, a hot meal for them
is served daily

Collel Rambam

This structure was set up to allow the oldest to study after years of work, without forgetting the importance of the social bond that is created there. 20 Avrechim study there.

Collel Seniors - Retreats

The Collel is located at the Great Synagogue of Tiberias. For 20 years, 25 Avrekhim and fathers of families have been studying there every day.

Collel Zikhron Meir

Located in the heart of the Kiryat Chemouel district and led by Rav Yaron Ouaknine Chalita, this Collel was founded 25 years ago. Today he has 50 Avrekhim.

Collel Zikhron Meir for the Rabbanim training and Dayanim

Also located in Kiryat Shemuel, it was founded 5 years ago to meet the growing need for competent rabbis and Dayanim for rabbinical courts.
22 Avrekhim study there and follow a high-level program specially designed to prepare them for the official exams of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel.