Talmud Torah Zikhron Méir

8 Talmud Torah classes

Teaching Torah and Knowledge

At the heart of the action of Rabbi Meir Baal Haness institutions, the Talmud Torah "Zikhron Meir" is undoubtedly one of the most important establishments.
Nearly 200 children who have completed the preschool curriculum in Gan, strewn the benches of the 8 Talmud Torah classes every day. These classes are held by an ultra-experienced teaching staff who invest all their energy day after day in teaching Torah and knowledge and inculcating the Midoth and Values of Judaism in the youngest.

In memory of Mr Edmond Safra zal

On the way to the best Yeshivot

The Talmud Torah is housed in the superb premises of a building generously offered by Mr Edmond Safra zal, who has always cherished and appreciated the works of our institutions and who saw in action for Rabbi Meir Baal Haness the reasons and the guarantee of its prosperity.
Students of the Talmud Torah are in turn highly regarded and welcomed by the best Yeshivot, in part due to their outstanding academic performance and the good Midoth they imbibe in the Talmud Torah.
At the Talmud Torah, the students also benefit from a copious, healthy and balanced diet, which is a major advantage for some students, who come from the most modest families. Throughout the year, students participate in outings, parties and other events that aim to provide them with moving and enriching experiences.

Talmud Torah Zikhron Meir

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